When I saw this bathing suit on ASOS I immediately fell in love but was contemplating getting it since I thought the cost-per-wear might not be worth it. Yet, I decided to buy it knowing I probably wouldn’t find anything else like it. What I loved about the bathing suit was its ability to effortlessly combine 3 trends in 1 without being overly loud. The 3 trends being pom poms, embroidery, and fishnet. Pom poms, especially colorful pom poms have been increasing in summer styles but the white pom poms help neutralize this trend. Embroidery has also been trending and popping up all over accessories and clothes thanks to Gucci reintroducing embroidery in their pre-fall 2016 collection. Clothing brands have even been strategic on how they use embroidery by carefully placing them on mesh clothing where it covers the “private” areas (if you know what I mean). Lastly, I’ve been loving the fishnet trend and loved how the bathing suit incorporated it in a chic way. Although it’s rare to find pieces that well combine multiple trends together, if you come across something and wonder if it’s worth the price, ask yourself these questions. Will I be able to find anything else like this? Will I regret it if I don’t buy it? Do I have a specific event I can wear this to and get good use out of it from? If the answer is no, yes, yes, I say buy it!

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