Although the holidays are a bit different this year, I’m thankful that my family is local and we’re still able to spend Thanksgiving together in 2020. I’ve started really embracing my passion for interior design and home decor lately and had so much fun setting up the table for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. I decided to keep it simple, chic, and modern and leveraged flowers from Sun and Stem to act as the fall centerpieces.

Here are some tablescape decor tips:

  • Pick a theme: tablescapes should always have a theme to emphasize the event or reason for getting together. The most common themes are by season: summer, fall, winter, Christmas, etc.
  • Have the essentials down: matching dishes, silverware, water glasses and wine glasses.
  • Invest in a table runner and matching linen napkins: these details make a huge difference and help elevate the entire look.
  • Top off the plates with a detailed decor item: I typically like to use natural elements such as a fake flower, leaf, or even a salt rock!
  • Incorporate candles: candles add a calm and luxe ambiance. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. I ended up using 3 lower candles and 2 tall candles for my table setting.
  • Keep the centerpiece low: A common mistake of centerpieces is when it’s too tall or big and ends up blocking the view of the person across of you. Sometimes this is ok (like for a large table), but for intimate settings keep your centerpiece low to ensure it doesn’t interfere with quality time. 🙂
Heath Ceramics plates, Crate & Barrel table runner, candles from Thymes, and local flowers by Sun and Stem.

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