ALEXANDER WANG: pre fall/winter runway collection 2011

Some say that black is the absence of color, that it is achromatic or even hue-less. While all adjectives are accurate, in the fashion world, black is everything else but boring. Black is fierce, black is bold, black is sexy, simple, stunning, flawless and powerful. Project Runway‘s season 4 contestant winner, Christian Siriano dominated the runway in a collection of breathtaking black apparel. While it stands true, as Michael Kors once said that “so much can get lost in black“, the key success to wearing all black elegantly and non gothic-like is breaking up textures and mixing up proportions accordingly. So yes, be fierce in nothing but black, and show the world who’s boss.
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ME wearing Mink Pink high-waisted shorts, Nordstrom shirt, H&M scarf, Ray Ban aviators and Belle by Sigerson Morrison booties.
1. Texture it up: One key element to wearing all black, and not getting lost within the magnitude of black, is by breaking up textures. Meaning, make sure you wear different materials of black within the outfit. This will help create dimension and contrast within the outfit, allowing viewers to see the different elements of each apparel piece. So, avoid looking like a big blob of black by texturing it up!
2. Mix up your proportions: An easy and powerful way to show off the different elements of each apparel piece is by mixing up proportions. When you wear 1 slim clothing item and 1 full clothing item and combine them together, you instantly form distinct depth perception within the outfit. This creates interest and variability while making it obvious that your outfit is composed of different layers of black apparel.
3. Show off some skin: When you cover your entire body with black, it’s easy for people to get confused and think you may be on your way to a dreary event… if you know what I mean. To avoid this attention, show off your skin to stir sexiness while using your skin to show off distinction. Something as simple as wearing open front heels, a low-cut shirt or even a skirt or shorts work great!
4. Use a simple and powerful accessory: Because wearing all black can become a danger zone, an easy way to help break up this “all black” spell is by using a fun accessory that well, isn’t all black! You can do this by wearing jewelry (like Kim Kardashian) , a scarf (like me), or even a bright red handbag! (such as Rachel Bilson). There’s no better way to finish off an outfit, then with a personal accessory piece!

VERA WANG: pre fall 2011 runway: Mixing up textures with black (feathers, sheer, wool & leather).
Volume within the cape/coat.
DKNY Fall 2011 runway. Breaking up textures in black. “Accessory” combo is the white collar.
Bare legs and a sheer shirt help show off some skin.
1. Victoria Beckham: Sheen to blazer creates variability while the v-neck/cropped blazer & pumps help show off some skin.
2. Kim Kardashian: wearing black fur vest, silk blouse and leather boots. Using silver accessories to break it up.
Rachel Bilson: wearing all black, a voluminous casual vest cape and a red Miu Miu purse.

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