The above photo was taken 1-week after Kybella when it was still swollen. My chin was not that bad before but was something I’ve always been self-conscious about since I have a very short chin that often gives me double chin plus an undefined side profile.

SkinSpirit reached out to me since they opened a new clinic in Noe Valley, San Francisco. I’ve always loved SkinSpirit since their spa is impeccably clean, their staff is professional, and they offer various services including facials (what I normally get). After doing research and talking to the RN at SkinSpirit I felt very confident about my decision to get kybella since I was a great candidate for it and it’s something I’ve always considered.

Before and after (photo on the right was taken 5-weeks after the swelling completely went down)

So what is Kybella?

Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable that literally melts away the fat under your chin. Deoxycholic acid gets injected into the chin with a needle and melts away the fat, then you excrete it out (basically poop it out). Pretty cool and gross huh haha. The best part is that it’s permanent so once you get kybella, you most likely don’t need it again! Most people do a few sessions (2-3 depending on your chin fat) but I only did 1 since mine wasn’t that bad.

How much is it?

Prices vary depending on the clinic but SkinSpirit charges by the vial. I had 2-vials which cost $1,350 total. A 3-pack costs $1,800 which is what most people get. Consultations are also always free.

Does it hurt? How bad is the swelling?

I got numbed so felt no pain during the procedure. The procedure was also super quick, maybe 15-minutes? The day after, my chin was tender and swollen but didn’t hurt. The swelling is the worst the first 3-days (they call it “bullfrog chin”), and usually takes 1-week to go down to where friends don’t notice, and around 4-weeks to completely go down. It varies for everyone but for me, it took 5-weeks for the swelling to completely go down.

Do you recommend it?

Beauty is so personal for everyone but I’m very happy with the results and glad I did it. If anything, I wish I did kybella sooner (like before my wedding haha). I found kybella to be an easy alternative to reduce double-chin and a way to create a more defined jawline without surgery. It’s very common among celebrities and apparently Khloe Kardashian made it even more popular by partnering with kybella! I personally think it’s worth it since it’s permanent and something you only need to do once. But of course, only you know if it’s worth it for yourself!

If you have any questions about kybella, feel free to Instagram DM or email me! I’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

Photos of my kybella process

Morning after kybella, so day 1. You can see the swelling and bruising which is normal, but it wasn’t painful. I took Tylenol though to reduce inflammation (swelling).
Day 2 after kybella. I had plans to go out so used foundation and concealer to cover up the bruises and it wasn’t that bad!
5-6 weeks after the swelling completely went down. No more double-chin and a more defined side profile jawline.

All photos are unedited, untouched, and unfiltered to show the actual colors and real condition of my kybella process.

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