Two-piece knit sets aka sweater sets have become my favorite thing to wear. You can’t beat comfortable loungewear that looks chic on the street. I’m still debating if a two-piece knit set is work-appropriate since it’s ultra-casual, but I’ve been loving wearing them at home when guests come over or when I’m out and about with friends. Here are some easy ways to style a two-piece set to look effortlessly fashionable.

Easy ways to style a two-piece knit set:

Keep your outfit monochrome or in 1 contrasting color: Most sweater sets come in one solid color. Keep the outfit clean by wearing shoes in the same color palette or in a contrasting color. If you don’t know what shoes to wear, white sneakers are always a safe option that will match any outfit.

Accessorize with a handbag: Handbags are the best accessory for a sweater set. It’s a functional accessory that won’t distract the outfit regardless of how unique or loud the handbag is. Wearing a crossbody handbag is also a fun way to add visual interest to your chest/waist.

Take the effort to style your hair: Whenever you wear a very casual outfit, it’s important to have your hair styled or polished to avoid looking like you rolled out of bed. If you’re not having a good hair day, neatly tie it back. Do anything to keep it from looking unruly. You’d be surprised at how much hair can either complement or defeat an outfit.

Keep jewelry minimal: Since sweater sets have a relaxed feel you don’t need to wear much if any jewelry. If you’re a jewelry addict like me though, keep it minimal by wearing simple pieces in the same color tone. So for example, all gold jewelry or all silver jewelry.

I hope these tips help the next time you don’t know what to wear with your two-piece knit set!

Wearing a Princess Polly two-piece sweater set in size XS/S.
Wearing Line & Dot sweater pants and sweater in size XS from Revolve.

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