If there’s anything I’ve learned from styling in my childhood it was figuring out how to make clothes look better on me. My mom often bought me bigger clothes that I would “grow into” or I got hand-me-downs that I re-styled to make it look better on me. Trench coats are one of the more difficult (and expensive) things to alter because of the material and layers, so I figured out some easy styling tricks to improve the look of any trench coat. Here they are!

How to style any long jacket or trench coat to look better:

  1. Drape it over your shoulder: Whenever I wear my jacket like this, it confuses Josh since he wonders what’s the point of even wearing a jacket, but it’s because it turns into a cape! It’s pretty incredible how different a jacket can look just by draping it over your shoulders. I feel like it adds a confident cool vibe to your overall look and makes you look incredibly fashionable. Pop up the collars if you want to give it a bolder look.
  2. Belt it: The nice thing about belting a trench coat is that it helps define your proportions which often gets lost in big jackets. If you want to make a statement, wear a contrasting belt like a gold chain belt over a black trench coat. Another fun way to style a jacket with a belt is to keep everything the same color for a powerful monochromatic look.
  3. Show some skin with a skirt or dress: Showing skin is a great, effortless way to break up the pieces of an outfit. It adds transition and interest while elevating the overall look. Whenever I wear a dress or skirt underneath a trench coat, I’ll usually pair it with classy pumps or over the knee boots to maintain the classic, chic look.

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