Wearing Zara top, Levi’s 501 denim, Vince paulette suede pumps, and Balenciaga clutch.

One of my favorite ways to add sex appeal to an outfit is by going backless. It’s become one of my favorite ways to add a “wow” factor to an outfit, without utilizing cleavage. I know what you’re thinking, backless tops are great, but what kind of bra do you wear with it? Well don’t stress, there are different types of backless bras or sticky bras out there and below are my top 3 I’ve personally tried along with tips on how to choose the one that works for you!

3 Sticky Bra’s, The Pros and Cons: 

  • Super light silicone and polyester sticky bra: $17 at Target and $40 NuBra one at Nordstrom
    • This bra is great for tops (like mine) and for both form and loose fitting clothes. The sticky bra also comes with a clasp so you can clip it for cleavage. This is my favorite type of sticky bra because it works great (the adhesive is amazing) and feels the most comfortable on. It also looks seamless on, is extremely light, and looks the most like a bra. I’ve found myself to be the least paranoid about something happening to my sticky bra when I wear this one since it feels the most secure. The only con to this bra is that there is very minimal padding so it won’t give you that extra cup size some bras can give.
  • 100% silicone sticky bra: $25 at Target and $75 NuBra one at Macys
    • This sticky bra is great for outings where you want to give your puppies some extra oomph. They’re padded and come with a clasp that you can clip for extra cleavage. If you choose not to clasp them, you can position them however you want (sometimes I wear them vertically for low v-neck tops). This bra looks and feels the most real to a breast but because they’re 100% silicone they’re a bit heavier so they’re more likely to sag or start peeling off. Thus, I usually wear this silicone sticky bra when wearing tight clothes so it holds everything in place and when I want my breasts to look real.
  • Breast petals ($12 silicone breast petals at Nordstrom) and ($15 fashion form breast petals at Macys)
    • These provide the most freedom compared to all other sticky bras because of the small size. Breast petals are great for clothes that show more skin since you become less paranoid about the breast petal accidentally showing (no-one wants to see a sticky bra attached to your breast). These especially work great for loose fitting clothes, like a cowl neck top. They’re also great for traveling since they’re compact and easy to bring. The downside to breast petals is it doesn’t give you a lot of coverage or support and if you end up wearing something tight, sometimes the outline of the breast petal can show. So just be mindful and make sure to always check yourself in the mirror before heading out the door!

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