How to wear sheer this fall

I have always loved wearing sheer, to the point where my old coworkers made a joke about why my clothes were always see-through. This black sheer top I’m wearing is a piece I’ve owned since 2013 (first blogged here) and one that I don’t plan to get rid of. I’ve worn it in so many different ways and love how simple it is, allowing myself to dress it up or down. When it comes to wearing sheer clothing, here are some easy style tips I always stand by:

How to wear sheer this fall:

  1. Make sure the clothes you wear underneath is fitted. This allows the sheer top to move freely and will help you keep your figure. I found that camisoles, crop tops, and bralette’s work best.
  2. If it’s a sheer blouse, play around with tucking it in or leaving it out. It’s surprising how much of a difference this can make. I prefer to leave my sheer shirts hanging out unless I want to look more polished which then I’ll tuck in.
  3. Keep your outfit to 1-2 colors. Since sheer clothing is already a statement piece, stick to a neutral color palette to minimize distraction. Black on black is always a solid choice, as well as black with denim, or white and black. Catch my monochromatic drift? If you’re wearing black on black, a nice way to add a pop of color is to wear a colored handbag or jacket.

Wearing Zara sheer top, shorts and boots, Brandy Melville crop top, Gorjana necklace, and Chanel 19 wallet on chain.

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