It’s a little ridiculous how much loungewear I’ve accumulated in the past few months. Although shelter-in-place started in March, I didn’t start shopping for loungewear until May but when I did, I went on a loungewear shopping spree. I was sick of wearing the same sweats repeatedly and didn’t like wearing leggings since they don’t have pockets. The company I work for also announced we’d be working remotely for the rest of the year, so I figured stocking up on loungewear would be worth it since I’m in it 90% of the time now.

Since I’ve tried too many loungewear brands to count, here are some of my favorite brands for cozy, comfortable loungewear.

Where to get cozy, cute loungewear:

Brooklinen: they recently launched a loungewear line and since I’ve always been a fan of their products I decided to try it out. I got their Delancey tee and joggers and it’s one of the softest and most luxe-feeling pairs of sweats I own. The fabric is what I love the most. The loungewear is made of cotton and modal which is softer; and spandex giving it a nice bouncy stretch. It’s one of those loungewear pieces you’ll probably own for years too since all the colors and styles are classic and basic.

Splendid: I’ve always loved Splendid since they make effortless basics that give a relaxed yet fashionable, California vibe. I own a couple of pieces from them, but my favorite is their Lunar active hoodie and matching sweat pants. They’re lightweight but super soft and since its fleece-lined, it keeps you warm. It’s perfect for San Francisco since it’s often cold here.

Barefoot Dreams: if you don’t own anything from them… you’re missing out. I have cardigans and blankets by them and love every single piece. It’s often my brand of choice because of how buttery soft and warm it is. I love wrapping myself in it because of how comfortable it feels. The only downfall is that you have to wash it separately since the fabric is more delicate. If you don’t own anything from them, I recommend starting with a blanket first since I absolutely love mine.

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