Wearing Moon River blouse from Shopbop, J. Brand maria high rise photo ready jeans, MVMT cosmo watch, Chanel classic flap bag (vintage one here) and Vince suede pumps (similar Manolo Blahnik and Sam Edelman heels).

I remember getting my first pair of black pumps when I was a freshmen in college. They were black patent pumps from Cathy Jean (anybody remember that brand?) and were obnoxiously high, I think 6″. I had to wear them around the house just to practice walking in them. Since then, I’ve mastered wearing heels to the point where I can walk up and down steep San Francisco hills in heels. It also helps that I’ve also learned some tricks to make your heels more comfortable, one is to not buy 6″ heels anymore. Since everyone has different heel tolerances and I myself have learned how to make your heels more comfortable, I’m going to share three of my favorite ways to make your heels more bearable.

How to Make Your Heels More Comfortable

  • Add insoles: One of the easiest ways to make your heels more comfortable and fit tighter is to add insoles. I love the brand foot petals and particularly love their “tip toes” insoles. It instantly relieves stress on the balls of your feet by providing cushion and helps prevent your feet from sliding around in your heels since it acts like a grip. I also love their “heavenly heelz” insole since it prevents the back of your pumps from slipping off (get the combo here). I seriously add insoles to almost all of my heels since it makes a huge difference. The only time I don’t recommend this method is if your heels are snug since insoles tend to make your shoes fit snugger.
  • Use a blister block stick: I recently discovered this and it has been a game changer. A blister block stick is a stick that looks like deodorant and you rub it on your feet before wearing shoes/heels. It creates a smooth layer on your skin to reduce friction and helps minimize your skin from rubbing against your shoes. The trick is to apply it before wearing your shoes and to rub it anywhere that you want to prevent chafed feet. I usually apply it on my toes, the sides of my feet and on the back of my feet.
  • Bring band-aids: Whenever I plan to wear heels for a few hours I always bring band-aids with me. There’s nothing worse then a blister that gets worse with every step. I tend to carry the small sized ones since they’re more discreet on your feet. There’s even band-aids specifically for blisters. These have been lifesavers and the extra padding from the band-aids help make your feet feel immediately more comfortable.

The next time you are about to wear heels, try one or all three of these tricks! Hopefully, it will help you become more heel tolerant so you can continue rocking those sky-high shoes without sacrificing comfort.


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