Alessandra Ambrosio: magazine shoot for Harpers Bazaar Espana, February 2011

Ruching (sounds like roosh-ing) and draping can tremendously add definition and an interesting appeal to any solid colored clothing article. I love this technique because it’s flattering on all body types, is aesthetically pleasing, and hugs your body in a pleasantly surprising way. The multitude of layers that scrunch up and wrap around the garment instantly hides your body flaws such as body fat & bulges. That’s because ruching has the ability to tighten your figure by hugging your skin, while blending in your figure flaws into the garment. So, if you desire to wear body hugging dresses but are self-conscious about the possibility of unwanted curves sticking out, go get yourself a ruched piece of garment! Hide your unwanted curves while showing off your true body’s natural curve!

ME wearing Forever21 ruched skirt & bangles, American Apparel dolman sleeve t, H&M men’s fedora, Nordstrom necklace and socks, Aldo heels and Jaye Hershe black clutch.
1. Wear ruche in area’s you want to detract figure flaws: The secret to ruche is that the multiple layers of folds that are embedded into the garment create a cleverly distorted but maintained look. The trick is, wherever you want to hide your figure flaws, have the ruching seam located near that area. In example, if wanting to hide your hips or side muffin tops, get a skirt with ruching on the side seams. If wanting to hide your belly area, find ruching that goes down the center of your stomach (as shown in photo 2, Iceberg). If wanting to hide a lot more than 1 area, get ruching everywhere! (as shown in photo 1, Burberry)
2. To emphasize physical assets, get small ruche detailing: The smaller the ruching – the tighter the garment – the more it hugs your body. Therefore, smaller folds hide a lot fewer body flaws.
3. To disguise unwanted body curves, get loose ruche detailing: The bigger the ruch – the looser the garment – the more it hides your unwanted curves. When the ruching is bigger, the fabric will drape over your body’s natural shape, smoothing your natural curves while hiding your unwanted figure flaws. Your unwanted body curves and bulges will get lost and disguised into the ruched garment. Clever and magnificent!

BURBERRY Prosum sp/sm 2010: dresses and skirts with draping and ruche techniques
ICEBERG: spring/smr 2010: allover ruched jumpsuit
LANVIN sp/smr 2011: stretched washed metallic gabardin deep v-neck ruched dress (worn by Gwyneth Paltrow)
Ashley Olsen wearing yellow ruched skirt and Alaia heels and belt
Some of my favorite ruched garment pieces:
1. Anarchy Street: Twisted Drapey Skirt $52 (currently sold out)
2. Nasty Gal: Laced Draped Dress $58
3. Top Shop: Premium Grecian Zip Front Drape Tunic $100
4. Shopbop: Cheap Monday – Ruched Skirt $90 but now on sale for $45!

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