Wearing James Coviello lace top, J. Brand alana jeans, Chanel flap bag in lambskin leather (vintage one here) and Valentino rockstud heels (runs true to size).

I had the honor of attending brunch at Le Marais on January 7 to kick off 2018. It was hosted by Michelle Sun (@missmisschelle) and IRose Social and was full of food, laughs, and other bay area bloggers. It was such a sweet way to mingle and a way to get to know each other while talking about the realities of blogging. I also couldn’t get over how good the pastries were and how kind our server was, he even kept offering to take photos for us!

While yummy food is always a plus, my favorite thing about the event was spending quality time with other bloggers and opening up about our challenges, wins, and story on why we started blogging. It’s amazing how everyone’s story is unique and although we’re all in different levels of blogging, we can all relate to each other especially when it comes to the struggles of blogging. These are the things you don’t see posted on social media like the comparison game (comparing yourself to other bloggers), being addicted to the Instagram numbers (esp with the algorithm changes), going through phases of self-doubt, and learning to deal with negative thoughts and stigmas people might have about blogging. It’s actually crazy to think how blogging has captivated a new industry and how blogging is more than just a job or a hobby, but its a lifestyle and one that most are passionate about. We’re actually quite lucky to be part of a game-changing industry and one that can inspire others across the globe. What I learned is the most important though, is to stay true to yourself and to not get discouraged or distracted by what others are doing or may even think of you. There’s always going to be a blogger you think is better than you and someone who may not support you, but there is only ONE you so focus on being the best you and your tribe will follow. Remember, your vibe attracts your tribe. Every blogger is also unique because everyone has a different personality and style. By staying authentic to who you are and sticking to your personal brand you’ll attract a more loyal and engaged following (and these are the people you want to attract anyways). Blog because it makes you happy, and don’t let others or even the numbers tell you otherwise.

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