Shopping for a baby is SO overwhelming. I remember walking into Buy Buy Baby during pregnancy and feeling so overwhelmed by all the products. I kept thinking… what is that, do I need this, how do I know which one’s good? I left the store more anxious, and instead asked trusted friends and reviewed tons of mommy blogger posts/videos to figure out what to buy.

Now that Luke is almost 6-months and I feel like I’ve mastered this mom thing, I finally have time to create my must-have newborn list. Also, newborn is the first 3-months of life (I didn’t know this before having Luke lol). This list is compiled of things I own, love, would buy again, and not meant to be exhaustive since I wanted to include just my newborn must-haves.


Car seat: if you’re giving birth at a hospital, they won’t leave you leave without strapping your newborn into the carseat. I have the UppaBaby Mesa carseat since all our gear is by UppaBaby, but a ton of my friends have and love the Doona convertible carseat stroller and the Nuna Pipa Lite.

Baby Bjorn Bouncer: there’s a reason why this is a favorite amongst parents. It’s lightweight enough to move around and super convenient for plopping your baby in it to sit upright (especially after feedings when they need to digest).

Baby Carrier: Josh uses the BabyBjorn Harmony carrier and I have the Artipoppe zeitgeist carrier. We love both. Both carriers can carry your baby until they’re 40lbs (approx 3-years old). & yes, the Artipoppe carrier is worth the price tag. It’s very comfortable, sturdy, easy to clip on and adjust, plus the most fashionable carrier out there.

Snoo bassinet: if you can afford it, get it. The automatic rocking motion helped us with many sleepless nights and from having to get up from bed to rock our baby to sleep ourselves. Snoo’s also have a high re-sale value, so you can sell it afterwards and get a lot of money back.


Skip Hop Portable Baby Changing Pad: We own this and the keekaroo peanut changer and the Skip Hop one is a better deal. The Skip Hop changing pad is $80 and the Keekaroo changing pad is $140. The Skip Hop pad has a hanging mobile which helps distract baby during diaper changes, is lighter, and easy to wipe down. I know some parents that don’t use changing pads (they just change baby on the floor or bed), but if you’re having a boy, get a wipeable changing pad.

WaterWipes: truly the best baby wipes for newborns since it’s the most pure wipe (99.9% water and doesn’t have all these extra ingredients in it), making it great for their sensitive skin.

Aquaphor diaper rash ointment or Vaseline: don’t waste your money on fancy diaper rash creams, you just want something pure and meant for sensitive skin in the early days.

Huggies diapers: I tried Corterie, Millie Moon, Huggies, Honest, and Pampers and Huggies are my favorite diapers. They’re the best quality for the best value (especially if you shop at Costco), are super absorbent, and the only diapers with a “pocket” in the back to catch blowouts (although blowouts still happen).

Ubbi diaper pail: the most aesthetically pleasing, locks in odor the best, plus you can use any trash bag with it. Other trashcans like the Diaper Genie, you need special trash bags for so it’s not as convenient.


Footed zipper pajama onesies like these: when you’re changing diapers 10x/day around the clock, you want something easy/fast to put on. Zippers will be your best friend, buttons will be your enemy. I like footed pajama onesies since its 1 article of clothing, plus keeps the baby warm.

Ollie Swaddle: I tried several swaddles and this is my favorite and ONLY swaddle I use. As a first time parent, you don’t have time to origami fold a swaddle every time, plus doing it correctly and tight is another ordeal. The Ollie Swaddle is a life saver. It’s the easiest/fastest to put on since it’s secured with a velcro, hard for babies to break out of, and is 100% adjustable making it last a long time since it grows with your baby. Bring this to the hospital!

Baby shusher sound machine: in the newborn days you’re constantly making the “sshhh” sound to help soothe baby to sleep. This sound machine does that for you helping baby fall asleep faster, and stay asleep.


Lovevery play kits and playmat: their products are designed for each developmental milestone and come with instructions on how to play with your baby effectively at each age range. I like how the Lovevery play kits also explain whats happening to your baby at each stage so you can better understand them.


MyBrestFriend breastfeeding pillow: the best one during newborn stage since it provides the most support and structure, plus adjusts to fit your waist perfectly. I recommend bringing this to the hospital if you plan to breastfeed.

Motherlove nipple cream: I liked this brand the best because it was the most hydrating although kind of oily. But I’d rather take hydrated/oily nipples over cracked/bleeding nipples.

Silverette nursing cups: helps protect your nipples from chafing against your clothes/bra plus has healing properties to heal your nipples. I wore these 24/7 for the first 3-months, except during feedings.


Burp cloths: I’d recommend having at least 15 burp cloths. Babies are constantly spitting-up, plus if you’re breastfeeding you’re always leaking.

Electric nail filer: you’d be surprised how fast and sharp baby nails grow. Since they can’t control their hands either they tend to scratch themselves so gotta keep those nails nice and groomed!

Snot sucker: gross but necessary in helping clear boogers out since baby’s can’t blow their nose and their noses get stuffy often. This one works the best during the newborn stage.

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