Wearing custom designed mules from Shoes of Prey (use code TRENDENVY for free inscription inside the shoe), Line & Dot sweater, GRLFRND denim, earrings by Studio de L’aube and Chloe drew handbag.

There’s nothing that beats a pair of shoes that perfectly fit your feet. I have super small feet (size 5.5 and narrow) so it’s always a struggle finding shoes that fit. I’ve learned some tricks over the years such as using insoles to tighten up the shoe or wearing thicker socks but you can’t do this on heels, mules, or sandals. My best discovery yet though is Shoes of Prey. They’re a shoe company that allows you to be the designer behind your shoes letting you customize everything from the style, color, heel type and even size! I personalized these mules and literally got to choose the color of the insoles, mules, heel and the rim of the heels and ordered them in a 5.5, narrow. I decided to go for a modern style with an interesting heel and got the soles inscribed with gold text to read, “Designed by Trend Envy”. The best part is that they are so comfortable. I do a lot of walking, including up and down hills and these mules are seriously one of the most comfortable pairs of heels I own. I can’t wait to continue customizing more shoes from Shoes of Prey. What would you customize?

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