MIH JEANS: Spring/Summer 2011 look book ad campaign

Believe it or not, yes the 70’s trend is creeping up on us. One of the hottest trends of Spring 2011 is the return of flare denim and trousers. Unlike, the 70’s where flared denim had more of a “bohemian” inspired look, this year designers are breaking in the 70’s trend in a cool, crisp and classic way. Flared denim is now chic and stylish, and the denim piece that every fashionista needs in their closet this year!
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H&M high-waisted flared denim, vintage sheer blouse, F21 leopard skinny belt/bangles, chunky heels from Target.

1. Top it off with Modernity: Wear a modern top to maintain a current look. Just because the denim derived from 70’s fashion doesn’t mean you have to look like you’re from the 70’s. I find that wearing a collared button up shirt is an easy solution because it matches flared denim well and offers a simple yet modern and polished look.
2. High-Waisted and Belted: High-waisted denim works favorably in the case of flared denim. How and why? The higher-waist immediately adds a couple more inches to your physique supporting the long length look of flared denim. It helps create a taller illusion making your legs instantly look longer and leaner. And of course, belt it. It add’s fashionable detailing to your waistline while highlighting your hips.
3. Loose Knees to Extreme Flare: Make sure the opening of the flare starts accentuating at the knee’s leading to an extreme flare, (wider than your feet) on the bottom hemline. Back in the 70’s and 90’s (when flared denim first re-appeared) most flared denim were tight around the thighs/knees and flared below the knee cap. This look, created a more “hippie” appeal. To keep a current and modern take on flared denim make sure it’s a steady flow of width increase, starting with it being loose at the knee’s.
4. Wedges or Heels: Most flared denim are made to be long because the length helps support the increase of width. Because the majority of us aren’t naturally 5’7″ and above, support the flared denim length by using heels to boost you up. This will make you taller, and allow the flared denim to “float” above the ground. You never want your denim to drag across the floor. I also find chunky heels to be the most appealing because the thick stature of the heel further supports the thick-wide take on flared denim.

Flared denim on the runway, Spring 2011
1. ELIE TAHARI: all out denim, flared denim with denim top, belted with a skinny belt.
2. 7 FOR ALL MANKIND: look book Spring 2011
3. DEREK LAM: Spring 2011 runway, Flared denim worn with a silk white blouse.

1. Audrina Patridge in high waisted flare denim, worn with heels and belted at the hips
2. Rachel Zoe in extreme flare denim, worn professionally with a black blazer
3. Kourtney Kardashian wearing flared denim, belted at the hips and worn with a modern silk blouse

photos taken by bonnienguy

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