J.O.A top, Brandy Melville maxi skirt, Hinge floppy hat, Baggu clutch

Being a succulent lover I was stoked to see the Cholla Cactus Garden at Joshua tree, but when I arrived I found myself fascinated but also slightly disgusted at the prickly little creatures that seemed to over capsulate the area. I had to heavily restrain myself from touching the darn things that seemed to scream “look at me” and also “leave me alone”! Not sure how the cholla cactus got the nickname teddybear, but I sure did not want to hug them. It probably helped that the few times the wind gusted, my maxi skirt got caught in the cactus creating holes in my skirt. Regardless, it was quite a sight to see and never anything I could have imagined in my imagination. It truly is amazing how beautiful and unique California is. 

photos by Josh Pyles

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