Wearing straw basket bag from Intentionally Blank, Clayton darcie jumpsuit, Levi’s denim jacket, Karen Walker sunglasses and Tkees sandals (runs big).

So I’ll admit, the wicker/straw basket bag trend was a trend I debated worth purchasing. Some of my hesitations were how long is this going to be in style for and is it really worth the money? I also own a few straw bags already (although not in a basket shape) and didn’t know if I needed another one. Well, all those hesitations went out the window the minute I tried this bag on. I caved and bought it from Intentionally Blank during their San Francisco store opening. I wanted to support their brand and this basket bag which was $85 was more affordable than some of the other ones I’ve seen. So to answer the question if this trend is worth the price tag, my answer is yes. I’ve worn it enough to where the cost per wear is worth it and it’s become a summer fashion staple. It’s one of my favorite bags to wear and a trend I foresee sticking around. If you’re like me though, a budget-conscious trendy shopper I found 4 super cute straw bags, all for under $85! Enjoy!

4 Affordable Wicker/Straw Bags for under $85: 

  1. Urban Outfitters circle straw crossbody bag: $59
  2. Hat Attack wicker small basket bag: on sale for $83 (originally $104)
  3. Target straw circle crossbody bag: $28
  4. Forever21 straw crossbody bucket bag: $25

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