When we first moved into our house, we knew we wanted to have an outdoor patio space but debated over what kind of furniture to get. Did we want to have an outdoor dining table or a lounge space? We couldn’t decide and deprioritized this project since outdoor furniture is expensive and it’s chilly… 80% of the time in San Francisco. When COVID-19 hit and we started WFH indefinitely we re-prioritized this and it became our fun quarantine project.

When purchasing furniture and home decor items, it’s important to do research since it’s an investment and something you’ll be stuck with for years. I personally didn’t feel comfortable spending a lot of money on outdoor furniture knowing it’d be sitting outside and get dirty easily. So after doing a lot of research, I found places to buy affordable and good-quality pieces. Below are the stores I bought my outdoor furniture from that I recommend checking out.


  1. Cost Plus World Market: their prices are way cheaper than West Elm and Pottery Barn, plus they always have sales and coupons. I got our World Market sofa on sale for ~$500 which was significantly cheaper than this West Elm one that looks exactly the same except its smaller and $1,200. World Market is the place for modern and boho style furniture at a reasonable price.
  2. Target: this coffee table got great reviews, was the perfect size for our space, had great reviews, and priced reasonably at $150. I had low expectations for this coffee table and was pleasantly surprised when it came in. The wood is super smooth and nice. Target, in general, is a great place for affordable furniture, and they have a ton of cute pieces.
  3. Source home and life: I discovered this small, new local business at the Alameda Flea Market. They have amazing unique bamboo and rattan furniture imported from Bali. I got my round chairs for $95 each which is a steal compared to this round Article chair that is almost identical for $229. Since Source home and life is a newer business, their e-commerce site isn’t robust but you can shop their pieces on Instagram and DM them to buy it.
  4. CB2: we got all our planters from CB2 since they have the most variety. CB2 tends to always have 15% off coupons too. Outside of planters, we got all our other decor items from them including the 3 white plant pots on the coffee table which were $15 for all 3!
  5. Home Depot: Although I’m not trying to promote Home Depot, I had to include them since that’s where we got our patio heaters and ironically most people ask about our heat lamps haha. We were going to get a firepit (loved this Target one) but realized it was impractical since it’s so windy in San Francisco. The patio heaters are a great alternative since the fire is enclosed in glass and they are extremely effective and keep you warm. Overall, we’re so happy with them and it helps gives a “hotel vacation” vibe to the overall setting. We also got the majority of our plants and flowers from Home Depot since they have a huge selection for cheap.

I hope this post was helpful if you’re in the market for outdoor furniture. Thanks for reading!

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