Wearing Reformation layne top (similar Reformation top here & here), skirt from Suggesty, Topshop sandals and earrings from Nordstrom Rack.

Ok you guys, the secret’s out! I’m sharing 3 easy ways to instantly look taller and leaner in photos. This is from my personal experience and works like a charm every time. I’m 5’4″ but whenever I do these posing tricks it literally adds inches to my height (in photos at least). So boost your height and start captioning #legsfordays because these 3 tricks will give you those sky-high legs and help you perfect your pose.

3 Easy Ways to Look Taller in Photos: 

  1. Barbie feet: If you haven’t heard this term, it’s a popular term coined by bloggers where you point your toes and lift up your heels as if you’re wearing invisible heels. Imagine how a Barbie dolls feet are shaped, that’s basically what you want to mimic. This pose instantly makes you taller, leaner and adds a few inches to your stance. It’s especially useful when you’re barefoot (like in a bikini) or wearing flat shoes like sandals. Try it and check out this article on Cosmopolitan for examples of influencers owning #barbiefeet.
  2. It’s all in the angles, shoot from the bottom up: have the photographer take photos with the camera lens pointed towards your chest and slightly tilted up. You NEVER want the camera lens to be above your eye-level and pointed down because that will shorten your stance. Imagine if someone was looking at you from the camera lens. If the camera lens is above you and shot down, the photo will have the perception of someone taller looking down on you. On the other hand, if the camera is shot below your eye-level and slightly slanted up, the photo will give the impression of someone shorter looking up towards you. The lower the photographer shoots from, the taller you’ll look but I found that chest height is the perfect balance between adding height that looks natural.
  3. Cross your legs or bend one knee: If you look at my poses through my hashtag #trendenvystyle you’ll notice my legs are bent or crossed in every photo. When you cross your legs, the proportion helps slim your figure by accentuating your waistline and the crossover makes your legs look skinnier. When you slightly bend one knee, it creates the illusion of length since it breaks up your leg into 2 sections (the calf and thigh) and creates the perception of height and depth.

Ok quiz time… can you tell which tricks I’m doing in these poses?

Answer: I’m doing all 3! Barbie feet, the photo was shot with the camera lens pointed towards my thighs but slightly tilted up, and my legs are crossed by the ankle.

Answer: I’m doing all 3! Barbie feet (this works especially well when barefoot), the photo was shot from my torso slightly tilted up and my front leg is slightly bent.

Answer: Again, all 3. Barbie feet with flats on, this photo was shot eye-level and my legs are dramatically crossed and pointed to make me look taller. (outfit details here).

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