BCBG silk strapless ruffle gown in yellow, Valentino rockstud pointy pumps, Coach gold clutch, ABS by Allen Schwartz earrings

Ever wonder what to wear to a formal spring/summer wedding? I had the luxury of attending a beautiful wedding at Sonoma Golf Club last month and after a lot of online shopping purchased this beautiful silk BCBG yellow ruffle gown from Bloomingdales. Since the wedding took place in Sonoma around noon it was important I found a light colored dress to match the scene, something formal to go with the occasion, and one that complimented my figure since I wanted to feel confident wearing it. If you’re looking for that perfect wedding guest dress, here are 5 things to keep in mind to ensure you look your best.

How to Wear the Perfect Wedding Guest Dress

  • Style: Make sure the dress fits your style and the style of the wedding. I would research the venue to get a sense of the style and find a dress that compliments the scene well.
  • Fit: Fit is the most important thing to consider when wearing a dress. Even if the dress is gorgeous, if it doesn’t fit you right, you won’t feel comfortable or look your best wearing it. Some ways to ensure that the fit is perfect is to buy it in the correct size, take the time to alter it (hem the bottom if it’s too long), wear the correct bra with it (I actually wore 2 bra’s with this dress since I had to fill up extra space in the bust), and ensure it flatters your figure.
  • Print/Color: One of the best ways to change the mood of the dress is through print and color. If the wedding is during the day, I’d recommend wearing a light colored dress. If outdoors, a fun print or a bright-colored dress (like mine) works favorably. If the wedding is at night, you can either go dark or experiment with the print/color as long as it’s formal.
  • Length: Length is the easiest way to make a dress more or less formal. The shorter the dress the more casual, the longer the dress the more formal.
  • Material: Always check the material of the dress on the label. The material determines the quality of the dress and also helps determine if the price tag is worth it. Fabrics such as silk are more expensive and look elegant, while fabrics such as polyester are typically cheaper and wrinkle easier.

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