Missguided bell-sleeve blouse, H&M suede shorts, Hat from Nordstrom (Rag & Bone version)

If you want to make a fashion statement, bell sleeves are the way to go. Bell sleeves are when the sleeves of your top flare out, usually starting at the elbow and ending at the wrist. This trend is most common on blouses and dresses making it the perfect spring and summer essential. My only precaution is that bell sleeves are annoying to eat in or to wash your hands with. Yet I’ve discovered some tricks to help avoid these billowy sleeves from getting dirty. You can either a) wrap the sleeves around your wrist several times and tuck the ends in b) temporarily tie them c) use a hair tie to roll them up and keep them in place. While this trend may not be the most practical, the style is totally worth it. Below are some of my favorite picks for the season:

  1. ROMWE embroidered white bell sleeve top: on sale for $15
  2. Bar III Off-The-Shoulder Bell-Sleeve Top $59
  3. WAYF Beckett tiered bell sleeve top: $69
  4. Madewell peekaboo pompom top: $88
  5. Milly bell sleeve beetle top in black: $345

Photos were taken at Kite Hill located in Twin Peaks in San Francisco

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