Wearing Zara blouse (similar top here) and green fringe jacket, J.Brand alana jeans, Marc Fischer booties and jewelry from Puerlla.

Over the years my style has transcended to be more feminine and boho chic. For those wondering what “boho chic” is, it’s a mix of bohemian (think hippie-like elements like fringe and crochet) yet with an upscale modern twist. If you’ve ever wanted to achieve a perfect boho chic look (without looking like you’re going to Coachella or from the 70’s), below are my tips to achieve that perfect look.

How to Look Effortlessly Boho-Chic: 

  • Wear neutral and earthy color palettes: If you’re going for a boho-chic wardrobe makeover, I recommend keeping your closet a consistent color theme and going for neutrals since its a palette you can wear year-round. I recently purged my closet and got rid of all bright and bold colors. This has allowed my style to be more consistent and has even helped me get ready faster since everything matches. Tones of brown, white, olive green and grey with colored accents work well.
  • Look for fringe, ruffles, crochet and frayed edges: Fashion is all about the details. I was immediately drawn to this jacket because of the fringe and embellishments. It made an otherwise plain green jacket stylishly boho. Mixing textures and having unique details to a clothing article is one of the best ways to give it a distinct style. I tend to gravitate towards anything with fringe or crochet since it immediately gives off a boho vibe.
  • Mix and match with modern or upscale pieces: To avoid looking like a hippie, I always mix my boho pieces with modern pieces. Keeping things like your shoes, handbag, or any article of your outfit modern can help neutralize the look.  In my outfit, my boots and white top helped bring in the “chic” to my boho-chic look.
  • Utilize accessories: Accessories is the easiest way to further stylize an outfit. If I wanted to emphasize the boho part of my outfit I would have worn a fringe bag or maybe even a layered statement necklace. Yet, I decided to keep my outfit more classy and have my jacket be the boho highlight. I highly recommend playing around with accessories the next time you feel like your outfit is missing something or if you want to emphasize a certain style of your look.

I hope these fashion tips help!

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