Wearing Zara moto jacket (similar here), Brandy Melville sweater, J Brand jeans, De Wulf classic boots and Coach handbag.

Merry Christmas Eve! How are you spending your Christmas? My family doesn’t do much on Christmas anymore so my holidays are always quiet and spent staying in and lounging. I have not changed out of my PJ’s since I woke up this morning and don’t plan to change out of them either. Josh on the other hand has a huge family (he’s the oldest of 6 kids) so his holidays are full of traditions, big family dinners, and gift exchanges. Since being with him I’ve made it a tradition to fly up on Christmas Day so I get to stay home with my family on Christmas Eve and experience an actual Christmas with Josh’s family. It’s been working quite favorably and I feel fortunate that I can split my time between both families.

In the spirit of Christmas I busted out my Zara green moto jacket that’s been sitting in my closet for over a year. It’s been the perfect substitute for my black leather jacket that I wear often. I always get compliments on this jacket but since it’s not available in stores anymore I curated 5 other cute hunter green moto jackets to share. Enjoy!

5 Green Moto Jackets for Every Budget: 


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