Wearing t-shirt designed by Vasco Morelli, Levi’s 501 denim, Pistola army jacket from Bloomingdales, and Via Spiga block heels (similar here and here).

A clothing article you can never have enough of, and probably need more of are basic tees. If I could, I would live in t-shirts and denim. It’s an effortless style that never fails and is one of the most comfortable yet fashionable outfit combinations out there. I own 7 plain white t-shirts, 4 grey shirts, 4 black shirts and seriously wear them all the time. I found that one of the best ways to stylize a basic tee is with accessories. So below I’m going to give you 3 ways to easily stylize a t-shirt.

3 Ways to Style a Basic Tee with Jeans 

  1. Statement Necklaces: accessories are my favorite way to stylize a basic t-shirt and statement necklaces have been my go-to. Statement necklaces look best on crew necks since it lays flat on top of the shirt and adds to the shirt, rather then competes with it. You’d be surprised at how much a statement necklace can really make an outfit pop.
  2. Tucked in with a Belt: Another classic and clean way to style a t-shirt is simply tucking it in and adding a belt to it (outfit example here). I love this outfit combination because it guarantees a clean and fitted look and is super easy to wear.
  3. Dainty Details and a Fashion-Forward Purse: The dainty details like studded earrings and dainty necklaces provide a hint of bling, while the purse gives the whole look a specific style. For example, in this outfit I kept my outfit really simple but the Chanel helped create a timeless and upscale look. I love wearing this combination when I’m going somewhere casual but want to be fashion-forward with my handbag.

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