Wearing Lulu’s yellow dress, Cult Gaia small bamboo bag,  J. Adams ankle strap high heels and Studio De’ Laube hoop earrings.

The color mustard and golden yellow have been trending recently and the timing is perfect for spring. Mustard yellow is surprisingly flattering against most skin tones and the color is so fashion-forward that even the most basic top will make you look like a fashion diva. I did not even realize how much mustard yellow pieces I owned until multiple people kept telling me they loved that color whenever I wore something yellow. I’m telling you, it is the color of the year! PopSugar even predicted it last year. For those that haven’t attempted to wear mustard yellow yet, what’s holding you back? Is it because you don’t know what to wear with it or do you think it’s too bold for you? Whatever it is, I got you covered. Today I’m sharing three easy tips so anyone can pull off mustard yellow, including you.

How to pull off mustard yellow: 

  1. Keep your accessories minimal: Try to keep the focus on the article of clothing that is mustard yellow and make everything else you wear compliment it. Shy away from bulky or heavy accessories that can be distracting. Since the color itself is already powerful, you don’t want to wear anything else that will compete with it.
  2. Wear balancing colors: If you look at my outfit, the only colors I’m really wearing are within the yellow shade of gold and nude. These colors help balance out the mustard yellow without taking away from it. Some other colors that look great with mustard yellow include white and grey, and if you’re looking for more contrast black or blue look great with mustard yellow too.
  3. Keep your hair nicely groomed: You might think this is ridiculous, but hair seriously makes such a huge difference to an outfit. Since mustard yellow is a chic color, to effortlessly pull it off make sure the rest of you looks put-together. There is nothing more confusing than a fashion-forward, chic outfit with a head full of bed head. Take the extra 10-minutes to properly straighten, curl, or groom your hair to ensure you look golden head to toe.

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