Those that know me or have been following my Instagram pre-covid know just how social and extroverted I am. I get energized from being around other people, meeting new people, and thrive when I’m on the go. When shelter-in-place happened in early March my lifestyle completely changed. I went from going into work and having a jam-packed social calendar to working from home and never having plans. The things that made me thrive got taken away and I started feeling unhappy and like I had no escape. I tried to not complain since everyone is going through the same thing or have it worse, but after 5-months of quarantine with no end it started to affect my mental sanity.

My feelings about shelter in place and COVID19 have gone through many phases. Most recently, I felt unmotivated and lifeless since I never had plans and every day felt the same. I really missed seeing my family and friends, having a life outside of the home, and just having fun. Right now I’m in a content phase and it’s because I realized what I needed to do to keep sane.

It wasn’t until I started scheduling things on my calendar that I felt a lot better. The things I was putting on my calendar weren’t even all that exciting (go on a walk, go to the dog park, have a picnic, play tennis), but it made me feel accountable, forced me to leave the house, and gave me things to look forward to. I’d also invite a friend to partake in some of these safe socially-distanced activities, which helped me not feel so alone. It’s silly how something so simple solved the quarantine time loop I felt like I was trapped in. If you feel stuck, try making plans (even if they’re by yourself) and actually put it on your calendar. This is what worked for me, so I hope it works for you too. Hang in there, we’re all in this together.

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