Wearing NA-KD polka dot skirt (use code CHRISTINE20 for 20% off), off-the-shoulder top from Bloomingdales, Chanel slingback heels (similar affordable ones here & here), and handbag from Japan.

If there’s one pattern you should be rocking this year it’s definitely polka dots. Polka dots were making appearances all over the fashion runway last fall and are now hitting stores hard. This simple pattern adds a playful and feminine touch to any outfit and is a pattern that always comes back in style. My favorite thing about polka dots is how it has the ability to transform a basic article of clothing to be playful and trendy. It’s definitely a trend worth trying. Below are 3 easy tips on how to style polka-dots.

3 Tips on How to Style Polka-dots:

  1. Pair it with a solid-colored clothing article. For example, if you’re wearing a polka dot top, pair it with solid colored pants. If you’re wearing polka dotted bottoms, pair it with a solid-colored top (like what I did).
  2. Compliment it with fun accessories. This includes fun sunglasses, bags or jewelry. Since the pattern itself is playful, it’s fun to add to it by accessorizing. I chose to accessorize my outfit with a fun tassel bucket bag.
  3. Stay in the same color scheme: I chose to wear a black top since my skirt is black/white. It’s best to stay within the same color scheme but if you’re unable to do so, pair it with a complimentary color (cheat sheet here). So if my skirt was pink/white I would have paired it with a white top (same color scheme) or a mint green top (complimentary color).

Try these tips and let me know how it goes!

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