It’s now my 4th-week of social distancing and I’ve surprisingly adapted to this new shelter in place life. My first 2-weeks consisted of being in PJs all day, never having makeup on, barely washing my hair and having a lot of shoulder/neck pain. After the 2nd week, I felt sluggish, dirty, and just didn’t feel like me. I knew I had to change these forming habits so on week 3 I started a new routine similar to the lifestyle I lived before quarantine. It’s been tremendously helpful and has brought back that sense of “me” back into my life.

I realized how important it is to keep a routine, to actually change, and to continue doing things you love even if it means figuring out ways to do it creatively inside the house. Keeping a routine helps you keep track of your days, and I found that changing mentally helps separate parts of the day. Here’s how my new routine looks like at home all day, every day.


  1. Wake up by 8am
  2. Get ready for the day including putting on a little bit of makeup (concealer, eyeliner, bronzer, blush)
  3. Put on a work-appropriate top, sometimes even jewelry, and change into more formal sweat pants or leggings
  4. Make breakfast. Usually, it’s something simple like a smoothie bowl with granola, toast, or eggs.
  5. Go to my guest bedroom which is now my office to start work around 8:30am
  6. Take a break for lunch. If I have a less intense work schedule I’ll play fetch with Gracie in the backyard to help her burn off energy and to get sun
  7. Get off work around 6pm
  8. Work-out with a LIVE or on-demand yoga or pilates class (every other day)
  9. Clean, do dishes and other random chores
  10. Eat dinner with Josh
  11. Relax by either blogging, watching TV, shopping online, playing the piano, or video games


  1. Wake up whenever my body naturally gets up, usually around 8-10am
  2. Work-out on the Peloton
  3. Eat breakfast cooked by Josh
  4. Do random errands like yard work, laundry, and vacuuming
  5. Shower
  6. Put on a full face of makeup ONLY IF I plan to shoot blog content or some TikTok videos
  7. OR don’t put on makeup and work on a random project. Some projects on my list are decorating our house (especially my new office and the in-law unit), creating our wedding photo album, and purging/posting things on Poshmark.
  8. Play with Gracie (this happens all throughout the day)
  9. Hop on a video call with friends. Virtual game nights and catch-up sessions via Houseparty have been my social escape
  10. Eat dinner with Josh
  11. End the day with a movie date night with Josh

I hope your shelter-in-place experience is going well and that you stay healthy and well. Thanks for reading!

Wearing Princess Polly sweater (wearing size XS/S) and Afends jeans (wearing size 2 which is equivalent to a 24), Gorjana chain and heart necklace.

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