Missguided choker sweater, Balenciaga sunglasses (available in black here), Coordinates Collection open air bracelet, and Chanel classic flap bag

Muted color tones such as blush pink have been trending over the years. With minimalism gaining popularity in design and fashion, it only makes sense that subdued color tones have been trending as these colors compliment minimalism and are less harsh on the eyes. This color trend can also be evident in Pantone’s color of the year award. In 2016 it was rose quartz and serenity both beautiful, muted colors. The nice thing about muted colors is that it goes well with everything and automatically brings calmness to your attire. Take my sweater for example. A top with an attached choker is often a bold statement piece, yet the color drastically reduces the boldness and instead softens it making the sweater subtle and in fact, soothing. The next time you’re shopping and love the piece but feel like the style is too loud or bold, try finding it in a muted color tone. I guarantee you’ll feel more at ease and even more confident wearing it.

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