Wearing aqua top from Bloomingdales, Forever21 jacket, Level 99 denim, Madewell leather belt, Gucci princetown mules, and Burberry clutch.

Ever wonder what to wear to a first date or any date? When dressing for the occasion some things to keep in mind are to wear casual staples (so you look effortless), clothing that flatters your figure, and something you’ll feel comfortable and like yourself in. My classic go-to outfit that never fails consists of a black top, a trendy jacket, skinny jeans, and stylish shoes. The next time you have a date and have no idea what to wear, below is some fashion advice to help you not only look good but also feel good.

What to Wear to a First Date or Any Date: 

  1. Top: The key is to wear something that’s not too revealing (you don’t want the focus to be on your chest, plus guys love the imagination) and something that’s not distracting or loud. This is why I often wear black, it looks great on all skin tones, helps hide body rolls, and no matter how crazy the top is the color will soften the style. Also, if you sweat a lot black helps hide your perspiration.
  2. Jacket: I always try to wear a classic yet stylish jacket that doesn’t take away from the outfit, but instead compliments it. Leather jackets, flowy jackets (like mine), or a lightweight trench are my favorites.
  3. Denim: Wear denim that fits you perfectly and flatters your curves, especially the behind. Dark colored skinny denim, in particular, helps you appear thinner and has become my staple piece when dressing for any date. Back when I was single I literally had one pair of J Brand jeans I’d wear on repeat.
  4. Shoes: Wear shoes that are comfortable and representative of your style. I usually like to wear black pumps or some type of block heels. I had a lot of walking to do this day so instead wore flat mules. Also, if you’re ever in doubt you can never go wrong with black booties or black heels.
  5. Smile: The most important thing you can do on a date is to smile! Outfit aside, people always remember your face and there’s nothing more attractive than carrying a smile. Even if the date doesn’t go as planned, who cares! Smile and have fun. 🙂

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