Wearing Romwe black leggings, Forever21 tank, Nike jacket and flyknit shoes, and Baggu backpack.

One of my favorite ways to work-out is going on long hikes. You get to enjoy the great outdoors, can hike alone or in groups, and there’s always a beautiful viewpoint at the end. Josh and I hiked the 49 Palms Oasis trail in Joshua Tree last month and in the end, were rewarded with a palm tree oasis in the middle of the desert. When dressing for hikes it’s important to dress comfortably, to protect your skin, and to be prepared for all weather conditions. Do you plan to go hiking? If so, here are 3 tips to ensure you’re fashionably prepared.

3 Fashionable and Useful Tips for Hiking: 

  • Wear layers: you can never go wrong with a sports bra, athletic tank or shirt, a thin nylon or waterproof jacket, and a hoodie. This is my go-to hiking outfit as everything is lightweight and it’s easy to peel off or on the layers as you get cold or hot. Not to mention, it’s an outfit that prepares you for all weather conditions.
  • Protect your skin: did you know UV exposure accounts for 80% of the aging of your skin and is the #1 cause of skin cancer? While sunblock helps, there are other things you can wear to protect your skin. Sunglasses help block UV rays from hitting the under eyes, a hat protects your entire face, and long leggings help protect your legs from touching things they shouldn’t accidentally touch (like poison ivy). Staying fashionably protected is the way to go.
  • Stay comfortable and hydrated: while being fashionably prepared helps, staying hydrated is your best bet to being comfortable. Since I find it annoying to carry a water bottle, wearing a backpack is my favorite way to ensure I have everything I need and can carry enough water and snacks with me. I love this Baggu backpack since it’s lightweight and can hold a lot of stuff, not to mention it also comes in a variety of fun prints and colors.

The next time you go hiking, try these fashion tips and let me know how it goes!

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