Wearing Faithfull the brand romper (similar one here), Soludos cactus espadrilles (also at Saks), San Diego hat company hat, and baublebar tassel earrings.

Ever wonder if an all-inclusive resort is worth it? I never experienced staying at an all-inclusive resort until last month when I traveled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to celebrate Josh’s 30th birthday. We traveled with a group of 6 and stayed at Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos since it was along the beach, close to downtown, and was the most fitting for the vibe we wanted (fun, upscale yet affordable, lots of bars including a swim-up bar, and a good resort for adults). It also had great reviews (4.5 stars out of 3k reviews) and I found an amazing deal on it where it was $230/night. So was it worth it? Totally. Should you book one? Yes, but before you do below are some tips to know if it’ll be worth it.

How to know if an all-inclusive resort is worth it: 

  • Traveling with a group: traveling with a large group can get tricky, but when everyone stays at the all-inclusive resort everything is already taken care of. This was especially convenient for meals because there was no bill. We never had to figure out who ordered what or etc. since it didn’t matter, everything was prepaid for.
  • You like to drink alcohol: if you like to drink, the all-inclusive resort is worth it. I was shocked at how easy it was to order drinks and how all the drinks were “free”. This allowed us to try various drinks on the menu, drink with every meal, and pregame before leaving for nightlife festivities. I had at least 5 drinks per day; mango margaritas became my best friend.
  • You like to eat: ok first off, who doesn’t like to eat? The resort we stayed at had 5 restaurants and other spots we could order food from such as the pool. Although some restaurants were better then others everything was good. I would order an appetizer, meal, and sometimes another meal for myself. Yes, I ate a lot, and yes it was totally worth it.
  • Do the math: The $230/night was for two people, so just for myself it was $115/night. An average hotel is probably $60 per person per night, breakfast is around $10, lunch $20, dinner $50, and I had 5-drinks per day which might be $60. So for one day, I’d spend on average $200 which was more than the nightly all inclusive rate I paid for making it worth it.
  • You want a stress free trip: This was one of my favorite trips because it was so stress-free and relaxed. The all-inclusive experience alleviated so many worries since we never had to deal with a bill, it wasn’t difficult deciding where to eat, and everyone was able to order and get whatever they wanted at their own pace. It truly felt like a vacation.


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