Wearing Maggie Wu silk slip dress (take 10% off with code: MWSILK10)

I had a blast shopping for white bridal wear including dresses for my engagement party, bachelorette, bridal shower and of course the wedding day. Preparing for your wedding day is endless as well as the shopping that accompanies it.  Just when you think you’re done, you’ll realize there’s something else you need that you forgot about. One thing that’s often an afterthought is newlywed wear including sleep and loungewear. Since Josh and I decided to honeymoon right after the wedding I wanted something luxurious, yet simple and easy to travel with. A silk slip fit the criteria perfectly and I found it only appropriate to get one from Maggie Wu since they recently launched a silk line and that’s where I got my wedding headpiece from. For all future brides or those who want to wear something luxurious and classy around the house (or even out since you can wear this as an underslip) I recommend adding a silk slip dress to your wardrobe, you won’t regret it.

3 Classy Silk Slips for Future Brides: 

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