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Josh and I visited 6 venues during our short Palm Springs trip in search of a wedding venue. We visited Korakia Pensione, Colony 29, The Pond Estate, The O’Donnell House, Sacred Sands, and The Lautner Compound. We did a great job researching because we ended up loving 3/6 venues we visited. So you’re probably thinking, did we find our wedding venue? Well, yes we did. Since venue shopping (and wedding planning in general) can be overwhelming, below are some ways Josh and I determined how to pick the perfect place to say “I do”.

3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue 

  • Create your guest list beforehand: Most people have an ideal guest count and create their actual guest list after they pick the venue, but I suggest doing this beforehand. Most venues have a maximum capacity ranging anywhere from 80-300 people. Josh and I wanted a smaller wedding but didn’t know if it’d be possible, so we created our guest list and realized 120 was our perfect guest count. Since Josh and I had a solidified number in place, while venue shopping we were able to visualize and imagine how comfortable each venue would be for 120 guests. Our concrete guest list allowed us to be confident when determining which venue would be ideal.
  • Prioritize what special elements you want, and if the venue allows for it: Josh and I are very creative and wanted a place where our imaginations could be brought to life. While some venues were breathtaking, we liked the idea of having a blank state and adding unique elements to bring the venue to life. Some of the venues felt a little too perfect and ready meaning any couple could get married there and it’d look stunning. While most couples want this, we ironically did not. We liked the idea of turning something into something it has never been before to make it truly unique and catered to us.
  • Which place feels the most you two, as a couple?: Josh and I love the desert. We love cacti, the sand and dust, the open surrounding and watching the sunset with nothing but the mountains covering the view. Knowing this, the minute we stepped into some venues we could tell which venue was the most “us” as a couple. We ended up eliminating some venues just because they had grass, and there’s no grass in the desert. We decided to commit to our desert vibes and love for the desert which made it easy for us to figure out which place to ultimately pick. 🙂

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