Wearing Romwe lace-up blouse, Abercrombie & Fitch shorts, and Proenza Schouler PS1 wallet on chain.

Do you have blouses in your closet you seldom wear because they’re too formal for everyday wear? I used to have this problem and started feeling sorry for all the blouses sitting in my closet so experimented with some styling tricks to make blouses more streetwear appropriate. These tactics have helped me maximize the wear on my blouses, and re-wear the same one for different occasions. I thrive on versatility, so read on to see some styling tricks to transform any blouse to fit the occasion.

How to Style a Blouse for the Occasion: 

  • The Office: Pair the blouse with some classic denim or a long skirt. The darker the denim, the more formal the outfit, so if you’re going for a more informal look wear them with light washed denim instead. Tuck the blouse in to clean up the look and add a fitted leather belt to look extra polished.
  • Casual Daytime Outing: Wear them with shorts and untucked (like how I wore my blouse), or if it’s too cold for shorts then with distressed denim. Pairing them with sandals, sneakers, or boots will also make the outfit more casual.
  • Girls Night Out: Pair the blouse with a trendy skirt that’s usually thigh or mid-knee length and if you want to be extra daring, with a skirt made of an interesting material.  My favorite materials to mix with polyester or silk blouses are suede, leather, or sequin. It’s the perfect way to show off your unique sense of style.
  • Bars or Clubbing: Depending on the fabric and color of your blouse, wear only a bralette underneath that’s the same color as your blouse or one in black. Pair the blouse with some high-waisted pants or shorts and either tuck in the blouse, tie the ends together, or let it loose. Play around with it and see what looks best!

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