Loungewear Favorites

Quarantine made everyone step up their loungewear and I loved it. I didn’t really splurge on loungewear before since I’d wear the same pajamas for lounging and sleeping. Now I own a collection of daytime loungewear, pajamas, and more fashionable 2-piece sets. My collection has exploded and after a lot of testing and washing, I’ve learned what the best brands are to shop for comfy, cozy and luxe “at-home” clothes. 

Nap loungewear for silk: 

I recently discovered Silk Maison and can confidently say they have amazing luxurious silk pieces. Their price points are also great. I was honestly surprised with their prices since I know how pricey silk can get. I love the maxi slip I got since it fit perfectly and looks so elegant on. I personally don’t like sleeping in silk but I also heard great things about their silk pajamas.

Abercrombie for sweaters and sweats 

I used to wear Abercrombie & Fitch religiously in high school and they really made a comeback the past few years. I love their SoftAF line and can attest that everything really is SoftAF. I even started buying Josh loungewear from Abercrombie since the fabric is so good and they have great pieces in almost every category. Their t-shirts, sweaters (I usually size up), and sweats are my favorites. They are pieces I can comfortably wear and want to be in all day. 

Skims for tanks, undies & bralettes

I kinda hate that I’m advocating Skims but after trying their pieces I understand the hype and it’s all true. I have this tank and love it. Skims fabrics feel like butter against your skin and everything is insanely soft and stretchy. I honestly don’t know how they do it. My favorite thing About Skims is everything fits perfectly. It hugs your body and accentuates your curves. If you don’t like your basics to be tight though, I’d pass on Skims. 

Splendid for leggings 

Splendid has a spectrum of leggings and they’re all great. My favorites are their terry leggings since its heavier-weight which is perfect if you’re in colder climates like San Francisco (lol that I consider SF cold). It’s also super stretchy and since they’re thicker it does a good job hiding that VPL (visible panty line). I own several legging and the ones I always grab are my Splendid ones. I’ve worn them out so much that they actually started ripping so I just bought a new pair! 

Princess Polly for fashionable 2-piece sets 

Most of my fashionable loungewear sets are from Princess Polly. It’s affordable and they often have sales/promo codes. I love their assortment of colors, fun styles, and the loungewear pieces are so cute that I even wear it out in public. The only con about Princess Polly is that their fabric isn’t high-quality. It’s usually thinner and I have some sweaters which feel scratchy. So great for looking cute, not so great for lounging in at home 24/7. 

Garnet Hill and Italic for cashmere 

I love wearing cashmere since it does an incredible job keeping you warm without feeling bulky. Cashmere is one of the best fabrics out there and lasts forever so is one of those fabrics I’m willing to splurge on. If you’re not trying to spend $300+ on a sweater though Italic is a great option. I have this sweater and love it. I’m one of Italic’s ambassadors too so if you shop there, use code: TRENDENVY 30 for $30 off of your 1st purchase (minimum of $100). 

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