AllSaints sweater dress (similar here and here), FreePeople boots, Gucci boston handbag, necklaces courtesy of ettika

The things I prioritize when dressing myself during the winter are comfort, simplicity, ease of wear, all while looking effortlessly fashionable. I’ve found that oversized sweater dresses paired with some killer boots has mastered this fashion priority. It’s especially convenient if you’re lazy because all you have to literally throw on one piece of clothing and you’re ready to go (two if you want to wear a slip or cami underneath). What I particularly love about sweater dresses is that it’s functional just as much as it’s fashionable. It sucks when trendy apparel (like off-the-shoulder-tops) just aren’t comfortable but sweater dresses are the most comfortable you can get and are always in style. Sweater dresses trace back all the way to the 1960’s (and earlier) with iconic fashion models such as Twiggy in her pink dress. Just another reason why sweater dresses should be part of every fashionistas closet. 


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