Model Hasse Nielsen for Harpars Bazaar Russia October 2009 issue

Thigh high boots have been a hot trend for a while (09-11), but it’s just recently that more woman have been sporting this look. I always tell myself that if a style or trend lasts at least 2 season’s, (thus fall ’09 and fall ’10), then it’s a sure bet that the trend will stay in for a good while.
On the other hand, if a style or trend lasts just 1 season, then it’s because by the end of the season enough people realize how ridiculous of a trend it was and dare not to repeat it. Another pro of having a trend last a couple seasons is that by then, more people build up the confidence to wear it, and more retail stores have them available making it easier and more affordable to access.
Moving forward, from my beliefs and assumptions many women are intimidated by this thigh high boot trend in fear they may look like they belong on a street corner, in the middle of the night…. Well, fear no more!

Guess thigh high boots, Express silk blouse, H&M tube top worn as a skirt, Forever 21 belt, Chloe handbag

1. If pairing your thigh highs with a skirt or short, keep the length reasonable: Meaning when you put your hands down to your side, DO NOT let the bottom of the skirt or shorts go above the knuckles on your hand. The last thing you need is your boots drawing attention to your upper thighs, and then your skirt drawing attention to your groin area. Other option? Wear a long jacket with a long shirt/dress underneath at a reasonable length.
2. Avoid thigh high boots made of patent: Patent has a sheen to it that will draw more attention to your thigh highs due to the glossy texture. It will also cheapen the look. Patent is also often used for halloween costumes, so avoid anything that looks like it could be made of patent. The last thing you need is someone questioning whether you’re wearing real thigh-high boots or boots from last years halloween costume. Material recommendations? Suede or matte leather.
3. Keep the top classy: Avoid wearing low cut tops, netted shirts or an itty bitty shirt (like a tube top or spaghetti strap tank). Your boots need to compliment your wardrobe and you need your wardrobe to defend your boots. An easy solution is pairing it with a conservative top or a loose silk shirt (silk has a professional and luxurious appeal to it helping maintain a classy appearance).

From Left to Right: Antonio Berardi, March Jacobs, Hermes and Isabel Marant.
Model Chanel Iman wearing extreme thigh high boots. Paired with a long boyfriend blazer.
Kim Kardashian: Thigh high boots paired with slashed denim, conservative casual tee & a classy blazer.

Click here for a more current post of me wearing thigh high boots. 

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