Tobi mesh shift dress, Zara heels, sunglasses from Afterlife boutique

I’ve had this dress since April and its finally seeing light outside my closet in September. I blame the cold San Francisco weather for that. While I love this dress and the sheer details that it encompasses, I admit it’s not the most movement friendly. When I raised my arms I accidentally revealed the whole bottom portion of my lace bra. Oops? Luckily, I’ve learned how to wear undergarments perfect for sheer articles of clothing so that exposed undergarments can appear intentional. It helps that brands such as Brandy MelvilleLove & Lemons, and Out from Under carry a variety of cute bralettes too. Some of my favorites include this lace bralette, two-toned lace bra, and this scallop bra. Intimates so cute that it makes you want to purchase sheer clothing to accompany the undergarment instead!

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