If you’re wondering what microblading is or if you should get them done, then you’re at the right place! It took me a year to finally get microblading done and I can confidently say it’s worth it since I am SO happy with the results. I have friends who got microblading and love it and since my eyebrows have always been the part of my face I can’t leave the house without filling in, it has been a huge convenience already having flawless looking eyebrows.

Around the time I was researching, EdgeBrows DM’d me on Instagram. So out of full disclosure, my service was complimentary but I did a lot of research and decided to collaborate with EdgeBrows since they had great reviews, their prices were reasonable, and I loved the options they offered. Diana, who is the owner and the one performing the service is a true expert and did a perfect job with my eyebrows. I highly recommend her if you’re located in San Francisco or bay area. It’s worth the drive, trust me!

Unedited/unfiltered photos of my microblading process

What did I get done?

I got their “edge combo brows” which is a combination of microblading and ombre shading to make your eyebrows look natural and full. I got this done is because a) I don’t have a lot of eyebrows and they’re light b) I needed a lot of shading done for fuller looking brows. If you look at my eyebrows before and after, it looks completely different! I had to get a lot filled in and looking back, I can’t believe my eyebrows used to be so thin and arched!

What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo process to give the illusion of more hair on your eyebrows. It’s called “micro” blading since they use a sharp tool (reminded me of an xacto knife) to literally draw hairlike strokes into your eyebrows. This is what makes it look natural since it looks like actual hair. This is great for people who have brows and some shape but want them filled in a natural-looking way.

What is Ombre brows?

Ombre brows are also known as shading or powder brows. This is the process where they color in your eyebrows and shade it in so it looks fuller. This is great for people with thin eyebrows who want more shape, or for those with light eyebrows that want it to be darker.

Does it hurt?

Yes, it does hurt but it’s bearable. It was more uncomfortable than anything. Imagine someone scratching you with a pen over and over again in the same spot. Most places offer numbing cream so if you’re sensitive to pain I recommend using it.

How much is it?

Every beauty salon has a different fee but from researching, most places in San Francisco charge $350-800 for the first session and $150 for the touch-up session. Edge brows charges $400 for microblading or ombre shading and $450 for the combo (which is what I got). Touch-up sessions start at $100. I have friends who paid around $600 to get it done in San Francisco so Edgebrows prices are extremely reasonable, especially for the service.

How bad is the healing process?

I hated the healing process after my first session since I felt like my eyebrows looked ratchet when it started peeling. It looks like your eyebrows have dandruff haha. I was the most self-conscious at work during meetings or when I had to talk to people that didn’t know I got microblading done. The ointment also makes your eyebrows shiny which can bring attention to them. The healing process is different for everyone but for me it lasted 3-weeks which felt like forever. Hang in there though! It’s worth it, I promise.

Do you need to get a touch-up?

Yes. In my photos you can see the vast difference between my first and touch-up session. The first session is where they determine the shape and fill it in. Since the healing process involves flaking and fading, it’s important to get a touch-up to get your eyebrows to the point where you don’t have to fill them in anymore. I was so happy after my touch-up session, I mean just look at the photo!

How long does it last?

It is semi-permanent so last a few years and it’s recommended to get a touch-up every year or 2 to maintain it. I’m actually getting another touch-up in a few months to darken it and fill in some minor areas that are a bit sparse.

What do I like the most about microblading?

Outside of it being a huge time saver, what I love about my eyebrows is that it’s always perfectly shaped. Prior to microblading I’d fill in my eyebrows based on my existing eyebrow hairs which were thinner and very arched. Since microblading, my eyebrows look so much better since the shape matches my face better and look way more natural. When you get microblading or ombre shading, they perfectly map out your face and how your eyebrows should look. There is no way I could have shaped my eyebrows like this everyday on my own.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting microblading, or don’t know where to go hopefully this blog post will help you make a great life-changing decision! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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