For starters, I used to have VERY short hair (I’m talking pixie style cut) in my mid 20’s and loved it. I felt bold, confident, and edgy (check out this blog post for proof). Although I loved having short hair, I remember how annoying it was to grow back since my hair grows very slowly. Since then, I never considered cutting my hair that short again. Yet, here I am in my early 30’s with short hair again. So why’d I chop it off?

This is honestly a silly reason but I felt like the timing was right since none of my best friends are getting married this year. I went to 8 weddings from 2017-2018 and also got married which was the main reason I kept my hair long. Longer hair is more fun to style, makes you feel prettier, and is the preferred hairstyle amongst men. Since I have no major obligations or events this year, I felt like it was the perfect year to go back to short hair.

It’s also easy to make a bold move with your hair when you trust your stylist. I’ve been going to Population Salon for years and have never left unhappy. All the stylists are talented, thorough, and have great taste. My particular stylist Ruben is great with natural but trendy cuts and color and knows my style well too. Great hairstylists will be honest about what haircuts look good with your face shape, how to maintain your hair, and if they think you can pull it off. I entertained the idea of having short hair with Ruben and the minute he confirmed that I should go for it, I decided to go short!

Overall, it’s also nice to change it up once in a while. Your hair is your best accessory and while some like to stick to one signature hair cut, it’s a lot of fun to experiment with different hair cuts and colors. It’s one of the easiest ways to feel like a different person and to embrace a new mood! A lot of my friends love my short hair and say it makes me look more chic and edgy. Now that’s a persona I can get behind!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Wearing Princess Polly white dress, Gorjana necklaces (choker and necklace), vintage Chanel Diana flap bag, and Alexandre Birman clarita heels.

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