Wearing a Lauren by Ralph Lauren navy jumpsuit, Zara heels, Gucci Boston handbag (similar here), and a vintage scarf from my mom.

I love jumpsuits but it’s hard for me to shop for them since I’m petite and barely 5’4″. I got this jumpsuit from Ralph Lauren in the smallest size offered (size 0) and it was still big on me. The pants were cropped on the model but touched the floors when on me. Luckily, I figured out some easy hacks to make jumpsuits more fitting and flattering on any petite figure.

3 Ways to Alter a Jumpsuit Without Actually Altering/Sewing it

  1. Hem or cuff in the pant legs: Just to be clear, it is 100% worth it to get jeans/pants that are too long hemmed. Since I didn’t have time to hem these though, I folded in the cuff of the pants and used double-sided tape to make it stick. To further secure the cuff I got black clothespins (so it wouldn’t show) and pinned the folded cuff together. I don’t recommend this as a long-term solution, but it works well as a quick fix and I’ve even used this trick on dresses.
  2. Belt it: Belts are great because it accentuates your waistline and allows you to tuck in extra fabric to make things shorter. After belting the jumpsuit, grab some fabric and have it fold over the belt. This will make the jumpsuit shorter by reducing the length of the torso. Although this jumpsuit came with a string belt, I put my own belt over it to securely tuck in even more fabric.
  3. Adjust the neckline or straps: Depending on the neckline of the jumpsuit there’s usually flexibility with how you can wear it. This one had buttons up the front and although I could have buttoned it all the way up, I left the top 3 unbuttoned since it was more flattering. If your jumpsuit has straps an easy fix is to make a small knot with the strap or clothespin the straps in the back to make the jumpsuit sit higher on you.

Hope these easy hacks help next time you’re in an oversized jumpsuit dilemma!

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