Dare to be vibrant with bold colors and prints!
One easy way to stick out from the norm and crowd is by wearing bold prints and patterns. Patterns have existed in fashion as early as the 1920’s making a tremendous mark in history. Certain decades of the past and even countries can be defined by the colors and patterns once used. In the 1970’s it was all about the groovy prints and mix of analogous colors producing a bright and cheery environment. & don’t tell me you don’t remember the wacky patterns with neon colors of the 1990’s.
I LOVE patterns because it immediately adds a touch of vibrancy to an outfit while capturing attention. Patterns are a great way to spice up that simple wardrobe and make a statement without going too over the top (unless you want to go over the top). Did I mention that they’re also fun and playful? So if you’re looking for that key item to make your wardrobe well… not so bland, go out and buy yourself some prints & patterns!
Oscar De La Renta: Ladylike grid pattern skirt suit in soft red and white,  paired with a bold red belt and nude heels.
Isabel Marant: Pattered silk skirt paired with twisted black leather belt and neutral colored top keeping in theme with earth tones.
Thakoon dress, Phi belt, Derek Lam boots & Ralph Lauren crossbody.
(watch our for Thakoon’s Spring 2011 collection it’s full of fun and vivid patterns to die for! )
1. Stick to the color scheme on the patterned article of clothing: After you throw on your piece of clothing article on with the bold pattern, pair it with clothes in the color scheme used in the patterned clothes. You never want to walk out of your house wearing different clashing colors looking like you belong in a Dr.Seuss book. When in doubt, go with black or white. Jeans is always a safe call too.
2. OR pair it with a complimentary color: A complimentary color is one when the colors are across from each other on the color wheel. Thus navy blue and yellow go great together, as well as blue and red, dark purple and light green.
3. Attempt to stick to 1 pattern at a time: Wearing too many patterns at once can become a headache and a distraction for a viewer. The likelihood of stirring up unwanted attention can also increase if you don’t pair correctly. If you’re just starting to wear prints and patterns play it safe and make sure your other clothing articles consist of solid colors. Of course after you’ve tested the waters out more you can become a little more creative and learn that two different patterns CAN go together and it CAN look good. Thus, such as wearing a patterned top, solid colored skirt and black textured tights.

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