After turning 30, I noticed my wardrobe transitioned to owning more high-quality everyday staples. Such as high-quality necklaces, everyday jackets and my favorite category… luxury bags. These staples are things you wear often and that are timeless making the cost-per-wear worth it. Plus, the fabric/material feels sooo much nicer against your skin. Wearing quality pieces helps elevate even the most simplest outfits. Below are 5 categories that are worth the hefty price tag.


  1. Classic black blazer: I had a classic H&M blazer that I never wore because it started pilling and the fabric wasn’t comfortable. The minute I upgraded my blazer I noticed I wore it all the time because of high nice it felt, and black blazers really do match everything!
  2. Camisoles: Spending more on luxury camisoles are worth it because of how often you wear it and since it acts as a protective layer against your skin and your shirt/jacket. High-quality camisoles last several years and tend to have amazing stretch making it very comfortable. Some even feel buttery soft making you never want to take it off!
  3. Leather jacket: A classic 100% leather jacket is a must-have wardrobe staple. Faux leather tends to have a sticky feel to it, but real leather doesn’t. It’s smooth, molds to your body and the material ages well with time.
  4. Cashmere sweaters: Cashmere is the most long-lasting and softest fiber around. Cashmere is made of luxurious wool and is softer, finer, lighter, and stronger than other fabrics. What I love most about cashmere sweaters is that it’s not thick yet keeps you incredibly warm and cozy without that bulky feel.
  5. Luxury handbags: out of all the luxury brands out there Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes are the best ones to shop since most of their products appreciate in value over time, and it truly is timeless.
Wearing Express blazer, Ray-Ban round sunglasses, Chanel classic flap bag, Zara shorts and Dr. Marten Boots.

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