I bought this sweater in Korea last year purely because of what was written on it, “the only bit of sun in the past week”. You’d be amazed at the Engrish (poorly written English that doesn’t make sense) that goes on in Asia, but I was surprised that this sentence actually made sense. I had to buy it.
This week has been going extremely slow for me and has been full of both bad and good news. A weird mix putting me in this state of perplexity and funk. I’m hoping that the rest of the week will pick up. Set dinner plans with friends tomorrow and class on Friday seems to be promising in regards to ending my week on a brighter note. Seeing familiar faces and socializing with great company is always a plus.


Sweater from Korea, American Apparel chiffon skirt, H&M men’s hat (similar here & here), Gucci handbag (recent version here),
LAMB heels, necklace c/o of Native Hearts, bracelets c/o of Happywrist, Michael Kors watch


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