Having lived in San Francisco for 6+ years, I’ve taken quite a few Golden Gate Bridge shots. All of the photos in this post were taken on the same day and the same spot, but I posted an Instagram photo with a carousel of several of the best places to take a photo with the Golden Gate Bridge. Take it from a local, to show you the best spots to shoot a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

The best spots to take a photo with the Golden Gate Bridge:

  1. Fort Point: where all these photos were taken. Fort Point is my favorite place to take a Golden Gate Bridge photo since you don’t need to cross the bridge and it’s the closest view you can get South of the bridge. There’s also parking (although limited), is very spacious and has several viewpoints making it easy to get a shot without anyone in it. The drive there is also scenic.
  2. Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point, Sausalito: This is the best place to take a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge if you’re coming from North of the bridge and want a quick photo. Since this viewpoint is made to view the Golden Gate Bridge, there’s even a dedicated parking lot and restroom. The con though is that this viewpoint can get touristy and there are tour buses that will drop people off to get that picturesque view. If you want to snap a quick photo and don’t mind the tourists, this is your spot.
  3. Battery Spencer, Sausalito: This is the best highest viewpoint you can get off the bridge. It’s also more private since you have to walk uphill to get to it and most people don’t want to do that short hike, although I’ve done it before in sandals and it’s not bad. This is a great spot to take photos if you have more time and want that entire view of San Francisco and the bridge. Battery Spencer is often the spot that couples or BFFs will also take photos since it’s more chill, private and it’s easy to set up a tripod here.
  4. Marshall’s Beach: If you don’t mind the occasional nude beach attendees (yes, this is a nude beach), this is where you can get the best beach view of the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s North of Baker Beach, making you closer and Marshall Beach isn’t as popular as Baker Beach making it less crowded. Marshall’s Beach also has a lot of huge, interesting rocks that you can use as a prop and it also makes the backdrop more interesting. If you come here during sunrise or sunset, the lighting is also always perfect.

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