Every year I make goals instead of New Year’s resolutions. A resolution has always sounded like a chore so I found that substituting resolutions for goals encourages positive thinking since you’re working towards an accomplishment. Surprisingly, ever since I’ve shifted this logic I’ve always accomplished my goals.

For 2018 my goals were to give back more, take better care of my health and to continue learning (read the post here). To make this happen I joined a non-profit program called Young Story Tellers where every Thursday I mentored a 5th grader on storytelling, writing, and creativity. It was such a fulfilling experience helping make a positive impact on a child’s life. I also started working out a lot more (3-4x/week), eating healthier snacks (like vegetables) and portion controlling my meals. This helped me achieve my goal of being healthier. For the last goal, I took a few online classes, read a lot more but I could have dedicated more time and emphasis into continually learning. Perhaps this is something I’ll continue working on in 2019.

What are my 2019 goals?

  1. Save more money: 2018 was a splurge year for me. I barely contributed to my savings since I spent a lot of money on wedding planning, trips like our honeymoon, and giving generous gifts. Josh and I paid for our entire wedding ourselves and since I didn’t want to pull money from my savings I contributed all of my current paychecks towards wedding planning and everyday life stuff (rent, food, parking, etc). It was definitely a year of spending and I don’t regret it since it was all SO worth it, but 2019 is the year I need to aggressively save especially if we want to buy a house in the bay area.
  2. Vent less: There’s a fine line between gossiping and venting. I have a tendency to vent but learned that venting doesn’t do anyone any good except provide quick, temporary satisfaction. One of my flaws is that once I start noticing negative traits in someone I’ll start seeing more patterns of it to the point where this person highly annoys me. What do you do when you get annoyed? You vent. Yes, it feels good to vent but it’s also bad since you’re spreading negatively which can turn into gossiping. Josh gave me a good tip, where the next time I get annoyed about someone to think about 1 positive thing about that person to counteract the negative. This is something I’m going to practice in 2019 to help me get less annoyed and to vent less.
  3. Start journaling: I used to have a diary and wrote in it from middle school all throughout college. I stopped writing after college since life got busy and I didn’t feel the need to write my thoughts down anymore. Writing is so good for your mental health, and one of the best and most intimate ways to reflect on your life. I recently discovered bullet journaling and have been obsessed! I plan to start journalling so I can capture my experiences, goals, and feelings, especially as a newlywed!

What are some of your 2019 goals?

Wearing Line & Dot sylvie sweater, Levis’s wedgie fit jeans, Gucci belt, Balenciaga handbag, and Chanel slingback heels (affordable Sam Edelman version).

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