DAY 1
American Apparel circle scarf & lace bandeau, Alternative Apparel tank, Rebecca Minkoff MAC Mini Clutch, Marc Jacobs watch, lace shorts from Sway
I’ve been incredibly busy the past week and a half, being in Vegas and then New York back-to-back. Two very busy and sleepless cities. Yet, I’m finally home and re-adjusting to a more slow-paced life. I have to admit I miss New York, always being on my feet and the hectic lifestyle of having multiple things to do. I’ve always been one to prefer an extremely busy lifestyle which explains my need to stack up on jobs, tasks, & hobbies while maintaining an active social life. I guess it goes in conjunction with my obsessive need to always be productive with my time. Anyways, until I figure out how exactly I want to post up all my photos from my trips, I leave you with two photos of me walking the streets of New York city!

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