It’s exactly 18-days before the wedding day and Josh and I have been super busy getting everything in order. One of my favorite processes of wedding planning has been ordering our wedding guest book. It was so fun reviewing all the beautiful engagement photos Josh and I took with our talented photographers and creating the guest book of our dreams.

We chose Artifact Uprising to print our wedding guest book because they are by far the BEST company out there when it comes to quality prints, photo books, and basically anything that requires printing a picture. All their products come packaged super nice and secure and they also ship extremely fast. We used Artifact Uprising for our save the dates and every year I also make Josh a “Pyles of Yun – Volume XX” book capturing our favorite moments from that year. It’s become a tradition for me to create photo books on Artifact Uprising and I’m always impressed by their craftsmanship and products.

For those interested in purchasing a photo book or wedding guest book on Artifact Uprising, here are some useful tips I wanted to share.

Useful Tips for Ordering a Photo Book on Artifact Uprising

  • On your computer, compile a folder of all your favorite images. It is much easier to compile all the images first, put them in a folder and then drop them into Artifact Uprising through a bulk upload.
  • Artifact Uprising offers multiple sizes of books. Don’t know what size to get? Think about what you’ll be using the book for and what kind of statement you want to make. We got the 12×12″ for our wedding guest book since we wanted the pages large enough to write on, but for the yearly photo books I make Josh, I always get the 8.5×8.5″ which fits perfectly on a bookshelf.
  • If you plan to have people write in your book (like our wedding guest book) get the superfine paper and use ballpoint pens that don’t bleed. I bought these gold pens from Amazon for our wedding.
  • When laying out your photos, make sure the 2-pages that open up together have a theme. If you look at the way our photos are arranged, you can see that we kept the same types of photos on each page. This helps create a clean and consistent look.
  • When in doubt, keep it simple. One thing I love about Artifact Uprising are their clean layouts that make building a photo book super easy. Their recommended layouts that you can drag and drop, make it intuitively simple to create a modern and beautiful photo book.

I hope these tips help and I can’t wait to see what you create!

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