Lady Gaga in 944 magazine, January 2010: issue title: “Vanguard”

Lace has always been a prominent fabric choice in fashion. The versatility, look, texture and feminine feel of lace make it no surprise that lace has been, and always will be in style. While some wear lace to feel sexy, this year designers are bringing back lace blooming with femininity and delicacy. Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring 2011 collection showcases how to be romantic in lace with delicate, vintage inspired garments made of lace. Valentino’s Spring 2011 collection, on the other hand, shows how lace alone can create a powerful pattern and statement. Whatever the case may be, lace is being revamped this season in a romantically feminine way.

H&M lace top, Mom’s vintage purse, shorts & belt, rings from F21, pearl necklace wrapped into a bracelet, and JCPenny’s necklace 

1. Aim for softer colors: wear lace in softer colors such as pink, white, lavender or cream. These colors produce a soft and airy vibe and also have a more graceful appeal.
2. Look for lace patterns that are larger in size: When the lace becomes bigger in size, the romantic pattern gets accentuated. This is because you’re actually able to see the creation of lace, meaning the flowers and twirls intertwining with one another. Lace is meant to be feminine and delicate and having the pattern more prominent in the apparel helps create that compelling statement in a subtle way.
3. Accessorize with feminine jewelry: The best way to add on to that feminine appeal is by dolling yourself up with feminine accessories! Wearing elegant jewelry such as cameo jewelry or pearls can work favorably in this case.

VALENTINO: Spring 2011 runway collection
DOLCE & GABBANA: Spring 2011 runway collection
ZOE JORDAN for Irwin & Jordan: Spring 2011
1. Anne Hathaway in a VALENTINO dress with a sheer bow around the neckline
2. Lauren Conrad in a MARCHESA lace dress worn with a thin, feminine headband
3. Olivia Palermo in a VALENTINO dress from spring 2010

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